April 14, 2014 BBC radio interview

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Books by Bob Schaller (see all 40)

 What though the Odds

 South Bend Tribune Review

 USA Today Review      Baltimore Sun

 ESPN Feature            South Bend Feature  

 Haley's Blog               Chicago Tribune

 Los Angeles Times     




Michael Phelps: The Untold

Story of a Champion

Publishers Weekly Cover Story

Swimming-Excerpt 1

Hungarian translation, cover

Czech translation, cover 


Bets, Drugs, and Rock & Roll

     Miami Herald

     TIME Magazine 

     Budin on Best Sports Show (Fox)

     Budin on Comcast (Philadelphia)  

     CNBC feature (Budin) on NBA scandal  



Never stop pushing: My life from a Wyoming Farm to the Olympic Medals Stand


Billings (Montana) Gazette, Review

Sports Illustrated, feature

NBC's Replay, with Bob Costa's narrating, of Gardner's 2000 Gold Medal win in Sydney





Read about my road back from a crash and see pics of my son  while we were at Wyoming


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